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EUPHAnxt is a network for students, young researchers, policymakers and professionals in the field of public health. The special EUPHAnxt members status is accessible for all those under 35 years old. In May 2014, EUPHAnxt has just under 700 subscribers.


EUPHAnxt is a free and open initiative that aims to collect the active contribution of students, young researchers, practitioners and policymakers interested in European public health issues, in order to sensitize and involve them into the European and multidisciplinary network of public health associations.


EUPHAnxt gives you the opportunity to join the EUPHA network and to access our knowledge platforms.

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EUPHAnxt is all about collaboration. EUPHAnxt invites all kinds of associations, main forums and networks for young students, researchers and practitioners with an interest in public health to join.

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EUPHAnxt stimulates networking and information exchange. You can subscribe to our newsletter, participate in our sections and in the special activities at the annual EPH conferences.

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